In a world where individual users have the means of becoming powerful story telling instruments, we help our clients transition from attempting to play lead-instrument roles to becoming conductors of multiple-user orchestras.

Landscape Mapping

Narratives of large organizations are defined by the sum, the sentiment and the amplitude of the individual voices who are directly or indirectly associated with the organization.

Our Landscape Mapping help our customers identify the mass of individual voices who are directly or indirectly associated with the organization, assess their amplitude or influence each mapped individual voice has, as well as categorize the type and value of the mapped associations with the customer’s narrative.

Infrastructure Auditing

Narratives are spoken, written and audio-visual accounts of connected events which tell a story. The flow and spread of narratives on-line depend greatly on the technical infrastructure which hosts the narrative’s textual and audiovisual building blocks, mitigating their transition from one digital platform to another.

We work with our customers to ensure their technical infrastructure, and narrative components (text & audio-visuals) rely on the most up-to-date code, features and user interface elements to ensure composition fidelity and optimized cross-platform information sharing and readability.

Orchestration & Strategy

Narratives in the Web 2.0 age are subject to a constant stream of user generated content (UGC) with varying reach potential, depending on user’s network size. Organizational users are often compelled into an arms race with individual users over network size, with individuals having the upper hand due to the nature of social media platforms, favoring the personal over the institutional.

We provide our customers with the know-how and technology to step out of the endless chase for followers and assume the more advantageous orchestrating role of synergizing between hundreds and even thousands of associated individual accounts.